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We’re Hiring

We’re building a platform that will change the way people plan their travel the world over. If that sounds like your idea of fun, read on.

Before we talk about roles, skills and job descriptions, it is important that it’s very clear about the kind of person we’re looking for:
  • You want be in the founding team of an early-stage startup. i.e. you’re not just looking for any job. You understand the startup journey and are willing to ride the ups and downs. (PS: this venture is backed by theMorpheus, so you’ll get to work with the brightest startup minds in the country).
  • You understand that business priorities in a startup can mean often having to work on unsexy stuff
  • You don’t suffer from “big company disease” - that is you can sacrifice lucrative salaries, prestigious names, fancy offices, etc. in exchange for doing really kickass work that you truly enjoy.
  • You are very passionate about travel, have travelled a bit yourself, and understand the pains our users face.
  • You are fun to hang out with, and you feel that way about us too. We believe that life is too short to work with people you don’t naturally like.
  • And by the time you decide to come on board, you must truly believe in the product and the value it will create for travellers the world over.
If this sounds like your kind of thing, then lets meet over coffee/beer and you can tell me how you would like to contribute.
Open positions:
Location: Bangalore

  • You have experience building applications from scratch using Ruby on Rails
  • You feel right at home with RDBMS like MySQL. Bonus if you have worked with NoSQL technologies
  • You’re comfortable working in Agile development environment. We love pushing things fast.
  • Bonus if you’ve worked with JS frameworks like Backbone, Angular etc.
  • PHP is a plus
As the CTO you will be leading the entire tech stack of PlanMy.Travel from taking ideas from whiteboard to production to managing deployments/backups on AWS.
You will get to make your own technology decisions and will work closely with the CEO on the product and have a direct impact on every aspect of the experience we deliver to customers.
We love open source and we’d love to see what you’ve done in the past. Send in your Github profile, links to apps to you’ve built in the past or anything else that would let us know you better than just a resume.
How to Apply:
Tell us your story - what you’ve done so far, why you’re interested in PlanMy.Travel, your thoughts, your beliefs, or whatever it is you want to share about yourself.
Stuff that easily impresses us: clearly communicated ideas, strong conviction, drive to do something awesome, passion, evidence that you’ve spent time reading the PlanMy.Travel blog, and a sense of humour.
Note: If you’re just going to send an email saying “Please find attached my resume for the position of …”, don’t even bother.
Email me at or call +91-9980921804. Coffee/Beer is on me.